accounts profiles
The profiles section of the Options window keeps your weblog profiles neatly organized. Easily add a new profile using step-by-step configuration panel or modify existing profile. Multiple blogging API are supported as well as proxy server and HTTP Authentication.
main main window
The main window displays a searchable list of entries and drafts for the selected weblog. A list of accounts and weblogs is shown in the sidebar. This really is an advanced blog entry manager that can keep a local backup of your weblog entries. Quickly find entries that contain the text you are looking for. Double-click to edit entries or control-click to view or export.
main rich editor
The rich text editor provides the ability to write blog entries without having to deal with HTML tags. Simply type and format as you see fit.
main html editor
The html editor sports spell-checking, cutomizable html tag shortcuts, category selection, advanced settings, and more. The toolbar has many useful buttons, including a convenient weblog navigation menu.
preview preview
The HTML preview window uses Internet Explorer as the rendering engine. It uses a fully-customizable template to build the blog entry preview.
file upload file upload
The upload manager uploads any file type to MovableType API and metaWeblog API driven weblog systems. For images, it can build up fully customized IMG tags, create thumbnails, scale or convert to PNG or JPEG, and comes with fully customizable HTML template.
options options
ecto maintains a comprehensive set of options separately for each weblog, for example, you can set the dictionary language for each blog separately.
HTML tags HTML tags
You can use your own custom HTML tags when editing entries. The tags wrap around selected text.

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