base64.tar.gz. Unpack and put the MIME directory in the extlib/ directory of your MovableType installation.
  • Q10. ecto does not seem to work over SSL using an HTTPS style URL.
  • ecto actually does. There is, however, some difficulty in obtaining a proper certificate. Jacques Distler has a set of instructions to get a self-signed SSL-certificate working. He also provided the following how-to:
    What to do if your SSL Server is using a Certificate not signed by one of the "known" Root Certificate Authorities (Verisign, Thawte, ...)? To use Safari or applications like ecto, you need to obtain the site's Certificate (or the Root CA Certificate it's using) and load that into the Global Keychain. Get the certificate file (which has a .crt extension) from the administrator of your web site. Save it as "~/Library/Keychains/cacert.crt". Then in a Terminal Window, type:

    cd ~/Library/Keychains/
    cp /System/Library/Keychains/X509Anchors .
    certtool i cacert.crt k=X509Anchors
    sudo cp X509Anchors /System/Library/Keychains/X509Anchors

    In Panther, you can try to just double-click the certificate and have it added to the X509Anchors keychain. Start up ecto, change the XML-RPC url for your site so that it starts with 'https://' and you're good to go!
  • Q11. I am getting a "No valid XML data in response" or a "Could not parse response" error.
  • Two possible causes for this. The access point you put in the Account Manager is incorrect. Check the account set-up guide for details.
    Alternatively, check if, e.g. the MovableType installation has the required modules installed (in particular SOAP::Lite and LWP::UserAgent) by going to http://YOURSITE/PATH/TO/mt-check.php. For more information, see the MovableType installation manual.
  • Q12. How do I use cgiwrap with ecto?
  • This from Ben Trott: If you run mt.php through cgiwrap, make sure, then, that mt-xmlrpc.php is also being run through cgiwrap, because mt-xmlrpc.php will also need to publish files. With suexec this generally happens automatically, but if it's cgiwrap, you may have to use a slightly different URL to call the script (one that invokes cgiwrap first).