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Entries & Drafts

Select Window → Entry and Drafts to see the list of recent entries on your weblogs. This list also contains drafts of entries you have saved without publishing to a weblog (using Draft → Save). Each item in the list shows the following values:

  • ID: Post ID of an entry. For drafts this is set to the creation date.
  • Title: Title of the entry.
  • Date: Creation date of the entry.
  • Categories: The first category for the entry.
  • Status: Whether the item is a published entry (remote) or a draft stored on your computer (local).

To view an entry, double click it or press the Return or Enter key.
Note that for published entries, you can view the corresponding webpage by control-clicking on an item and choosing "View in Browser" from the popup menu.


To set how ecto maintains your recent entries, select ecto → Preferences... → Recent Entries from the menu.

The two main options concern whether you want ecto to store copies of your recent entries on your computer. If you do, check the "Store weblog entries locally" option (on by default). This option is only useful if you do all your weblog posting via ecto. Optionally, you can set the number of recent entries to retrieve to a large value, so that all your weblog entries are cached locally.

If you prefer not to store copies of recent entries locally, but you still want to see a list of recently published entries, check the "Retrieve Entries Automatically" option. In addition, if you use MovableType or TypePad, set ecto to only retrieve titles and summaries. This will save bandwidth.

For more information, click "Tell me more."