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Entry Preview

While writing or editing an entry, you may wish to see how it will look when published to your weblog. ecto provides a convenient preview window for this purpose, which uses the same HTML rendering system as Safari.

To preview your entry, click on the "Preview" toolbar icon or select the Draft → Preview menu command.

The following commands are available via the Preview window's toolbar:

  • Refresh: This updates the HTML preview with the latest changes in the currently edited entry.
  • Larger Text: Enlarges the text size in the Preview.
  • Smaller Text: Reduces the text size in the Preview.
  • Appearance: Font preferences for the Preview. Changes in font name and size only have effect if your template does not have a linked CSS file. In this settings dialog, you can also set the automatic preview option and interval. If selected, ecto refreshes the preview each time you modify an entry (but only in HTML mode).

By default, the preview uses a standard template to wrap around your entry. This template can be modified via the "Preview" pane of Weblog→Edit Templates... to match your weblog's look and feel. Contact us if you need help to set up a template.

For more information, click "Tell me more."