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Sending Notifications

ecto can send email notifications after a new entry has been published. To send notifications, tick the checkbox labeled "Send notification" in the main window's Settings drawer.

Notification Manager

ecto maintains its own list of subscribers, which can be managed via the Notification Manager. To access it, choose the Window → Notifications menu command.

The Notification Manager allows for easily adding, modifying and deleting addresses on a per-blog basis.

Additionally, ecto supports the MacOS X Address Book, so that you can add directly from your system-wide address book.

To add a new address, choose any of the following methods:

  • Click the Address Book icon in the bottom-right corner of the window. This will open a sheet you can use to select addresses from the System's Address Book. Enter any case-insensitive string (an empty string will return all addresses) in the Search field and press the "Find" button. On successful search, ecto will display a list of matching names, with primary email addresses automatically selected. Select the ones you want to import and press "Import".
  • Click the " " button in the bottom-left corner of the notification manager window. This will insert a default email address in the list. Double-click the new fields to edit their values.
  • Drop a tab-delimited list of name/email pairs with each pair separated by a linebreak.

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