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» About the Editor
» Entry Preview
» Posting Entries
» Editing Entries
» Sending Notifications
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» Advanced Features
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» Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Cmd-, Preferences
Cmd-: Spelling Window
Cmd-; Check Spelling
Cmd-A Select All
Cmd-Option-A Accounts
Cmd-B Bold text (Rich Text mode)
Cmd-Option-B View in Browser
Cmd-C Copy
Cmd-Shift-C Show Colors (Rich Text mode)
Cmd-Shift-D Modify Date
Cmd-Control-D Console
Cmd-E Use Selection for Find
Cmd-Shift-E Toggle Summary
Cmd-Option-E Notifications
Cmd-F Find
Cmd-G Find Again
Cmd-Shift-G Find Previous
Cmd-H Hide ecto
Cmd-I Italic text (Rich Text mode)
Cmd-Option-I Insert iTunes track info
Cmd-J Scroll to Selection
Cmd-K Toggle Categories
Cmd-Shift-K Toggle Keywords
Cmd-L Entries and Drafts
Cmd-Shift-L Retrieve Entries
Cmd-M Minimize
Cmd-Shift-M HTML Tags
Cmd-N New Draft
Cmd-P Print
Cmd-Option-P Publish
Cmd-Q Quit ecto
Cmd-R Preview
Cmd-S Save
Cmd-Option-S Edit Settings
Cmd-T Show Fonts (Rich Text mode)
Cmd-Shift-T Manage Trackback
Cmd-U Insert Hyperlink
Cmd-Shift-U Insert Hyperlink with clipboard contents (HTML mode)
Cmd-Option-U Add Attachment
Cmd-V Paste
Cmd-Option-V Paste Unformatted (Rich Text mode)
Cmd-Shift-V Paste as Encoded (HTML mode)
Cmd-W Close Window
Cmd-X Cut
Cmd-Y Status Window
Cmd-Z Undo


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