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Creating Entries

To create a new weblog entry, choose "New Draft" from the File menu. Type the text for your weblog entry in the appropriate fields:

  • Title: The top-most text box in the draft window. This will be the title of your entry.
  • Main: The main body of your entry. If your weblog system uses Blogger or metaWeblog API, this will be the only text field for the main body.
  • Continuation: This is also known as the "extended" field. This will contain the rest of your entry, but will not be visible in your weblog index file, only in the static link to the published entry (MovableType/TypePad only). If you don't use the Continuation field, you can hide it via Draft→Toggle Display.
  • Summary: (reveal with Draft→Toggle Display→Summary) This is also known as the "excerpt" field. This will contain a summary of your entry, which is usally used for RSS feeds or archive listings.

Entry window footer

The footer of the entry window provides quick access to commands:

  • Edit mode: For switching between Rich Text ('A') and HTML ('<>') editing modes. The default edit mode can be set via the Preferences.
  • Attachments: Click to add an attachment to the entry.
  • Link: Click to add a hyperlink to the entry.
  • Status: Set to "publish" or "draft". Note that "draft" means posting the entry to your weblog server, but not publishing it on your website. To keep the entry on your computer without posting it, use the Entry → Save menu command.
  • Blogs: Click to switch blogs.

Options View

The following items are available from the Options View. This view can be revealed by choosing Draft→Toggle Display→Options.


If your blog system supports categories, you can set the categories for your blog using the corresponding list in the options view. Checked items will be the entry's categories. If you have more than one selected category, you can set a given one as the primary category, although this not supported by all weblog systems.

Technorati Tags

ecto also supports Technorati tags as described on the Technorati web page. This gives you an easy way to categorize your entries with any tag you choose and have that grouped on Technorati with all other blog entries tagged with the same names (this includes Flickr and del.icio.us tags).

Other items in the Options view

  • Email: Check if you want an email notification sent to subscribers of your weblog. To maintain the list of subscribers, choose the Managers > Notifications... menu command. Note that this list is independent of the MovableType and TypePad notification list.
  • Ping: ecto can send a message to weblog directories after the entry is posted and if ping addresses are configured in the settings for the current weblog.
  • Comments: If applicable, choose to enable comments.
  • Trackback: If applicable, allows other people to send trackback pings to your entry from within their own weblogs.
  • Format: If applicable, set the text formatting for your entry.
  • Smarten: If checked, this converts straight quotes in your entry to curly ones.
  • Script: If a script is selected, it will be applied to the body of the entry before it is published.
  • Save as Default: Saves the above configuration as default for all new drafts of the currently selected weblog.


  • Word Count: Show statistics for your entry.
  • Keywords: Reveal the keywords field with Draft→Keywords (MovableType and TypePad only).
  • Manage Trackback: This Draft menu command allows you to enter the trackback addresses of weblog entries you want to send pings to. For an explanation of trackback see the MovableType manual.
  • Modify Date: Change the creation date of your entry with this command listed under the Draft menu. Set the date to your desired values and press the Apply button. The custom date will then be set when posting the entry.

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