New Safari beta means new WebKit!

Apple just released a new version of Safari. It's still in beta, but it's an upgrade well worth installing. This is not just an upgrade to the Safari application, it gives us a whole new WebKit framework. Insiders tell me it's quite close to the latest trunk in their SVN. The install package contains the following files:

package contents

The rich text editor in ecto3 is using WebKit exclusively, so I'm very happy with the new release. I have over 3600 lines of work-around code to deal with WebKit quirks. I might be able to trim a bunch now, but so far my code is not having problems with the latest WebKit. Some of the fixes I noticed include the correct placement of the caret in justified text, better handling of paragraphs and DIV blocks. The list editing is much improved, but I'm still using my code for it, since I feel it does a few things better.

If you run the new Safari, enjoy the fabulous search UI. It's very sweet. And if you have the Debug menu enabled in Safari, try out the "Show Web Inspector" command.

Posted by Adriaan on June 12, 2007