ecto3 roadmap

The long process of rewriting ecto3 from the ground up is almost complete. The core architecture is done and is completely different from what drives ecto2. The biggest difference is that ecto3 gains power with plugins. The interface has been cleaned up, but does not look markably different from ecto2, but if you peek under the hood, it's a whole new world. Even though the familiar look of ecto2 persists, there are many small changes all over. Not the least of which are the fabulous new icons by Mike Rohde, who has also designed a new app icon, but I'll uncover it later. Of course the rich text editor has been replaced by Editable Webkit, which means that you really get what you see.

Frankly, I don't even know how many other things have changed, since I rewrote pretty much everything. But I'm not done yet; ecto3 is not ready for beta. What is on the roadmap? First, I need to finalize the plugin support. It currently has a fully working MovableType plugin, but I need to whip out plugins for at least the latest Blogger and WordPress. Then I need to finish up more plugins that hook into other parts of ecto3. The Amazon support in ecto2, for example, is going to be a plugin. In addition, there is polishing up to be done. While I do that, I will be using ecto3 heavily, hoping to catch obvious bugs and missing features, before I feel it's ready for private or even public testing.

Early alpha

Posted by Adriaan on June 07, 2007