ecto for Windows 2.3

ecto 2.3 is now available for download here. This version adds the ability to search YouTube for video and includes it in drafts. There are also bug fixes in this release.

Update: 2.3.1 has been released with a fix for spell check suggestion words not displaying in the context menu. This bug is introduced in 2.3. My apology to all of you who have downloaded and installed 2.3 and affected by this problem.

Note: If you encounter a Windows error on starting up ecto 2.3, please run the uninstaller and reinstall ecto to ensure all files are removed from the system.

Please read the history.txt file for details.

What's new and updated in this version:

  • Added YouTube search support. Note that while the video would not be displayed in entirety in the editor, the preview window shows the video properly.
  • Updated to Google's GData library

What's fixed in this version:

  • Fixed not able to input CJK characters.
  • Fixed empty paragraph issue.
  • Fixed double spaces issue.

Bug Report

Please report any bugs found in the Windows Support forum.

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Posted by Alex on March 19, 2007