ecto for Windows 2.2.2

ecto 2.2.2 is now available for download here. This version is mainly bug fixes release.

Please read the history.txt file for details.

What's new and updated in this version:

  • Added sorting to the HTML Templates, so now they appear in alphabetical order.
  • Added mirror download site to Check for Update function.
  • Improved Email notification. Now with SSL option.
  • Updated Help file with Amazon and Flickr searches.

What's fixed in this version:

  • Fixed non-breaking space being removed when switching between Rich and HTML views.
  • Fixed inconsistant paragraph spacing between existing and new paragraphs.
  • Fixed tags HTML generation not includes the Start and End Tags in the templates.

Bug Report

Please report any bugs found in the Windows Support forum.

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Posted by Alex on January 28, 2007