ecto for MacOSX 2.4.2

As of 01/10/2007, Blogger has completely moved to a new version of their system. If you are on MacOSX, please download version 2.4.2, which is also linked to in this blog's sidebar. Version 2.4.2 works with the new Blogger. I recommend setting up a new account in ecto for your Blogger Beta and using:

as the access point. That way you can copy over your older drafts without risking losing them. Note that you will have to use your Google login (the email and password you use to log into Blogger Beta).

Since my focus is on ecto3, I did not have time or feel the need to implement into ecto2 support for both Blogger Beta's Atom and it's proprietary authentication method and the older Atom 0.3, which that has different a format and authentication methods. ecto3 approaches blog system support differently and will not have this issue. If you require the old Atom support, please download ecto2atom03.dmg.

Version 2.4.2 also updates support for and fixes one bug with preview. This is the last bug fix release as I continue work on version 3. This work is progressing nicely, but since this is not my day-job, the speed of progress is not as fast as I would like it to be.

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Posted by Adriaan on January 11, 2007