ecto for Windows 2.0 released!

The ecto 2.0 is officially released and available for download! It has been a long development process, far longer than I anticipated or wished, but I think the result is pretty good. Although the application does not look much different outwardly, there are many code rewrite under the skins.

This upgrade is free for all registered users.

What's new

  • WYSIWYG editing.
  • Spellcheck as you type.
  • Upload caching and setting presets.
  • Find & Replace.
  • New installer which will automatic download and install the new .Net Framework 2.0 during ecto's installation if required.
  • Better font scaling for those who use the Large Fonts settings.
  • Many other UI improvement and bug fixes.

Known Issues

  • No 64bit XP support. The eSellerate code currently does not support 64bit Windows. ecto runs but will display error message when contacting the server and prevents post being sent or edited. An update will be released as soon as this issue is resolved.
  • For WindowBlinds users, with certain themes ecto will sometimes insert the background colour of the window as the post background.

Download & Installation

ecto 2 will use the existing data that 1.8.8 has. But to avoid potential conflict, it is recommended that 1.8.8 is first uninstalled before installing 2.0.

Download ecto 2.

ecto 1.8.8 is still available here.

Bug Reporting and Feedback

If you encounter a crash or an error please make sure you attach a console log and exception log when reporting the bug to the Bug forum.

Please post feature request to the forum, or email your suggestion directly to me.

Finally, special thanks to all the beta testing users for donating time to test many beta and release candidate builds. Special mention must be given to Neville and Kelly who have gone above and beyond their duty as ecto users to make this release a polished one.

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Posted by Alex on May 09, 2006