ecto3 for MacOSX: Why is it taking so long?

I have received many requests for an Intel build of ecto. I actually have one, but it is an unfinished major upgrade of ecto. In fact, I am rewriting quite a few components in ecto, adding several new (mostly user-requested) features, and for WYSIWYG editing I have also switched to editable WebKit (which is part of the engine that powers Safari). In addition, all image editing features that are in ecto2 have to be rewritten for the Intel build, since they depend on deprecated system code. This all will obviously take time, but it does not mean nothing is being done. In fact, I work on code almost daily. Not many people know that, although I work for Joichi Ito, I am doing all the work by myself. Only the Windows version of ecto is Alex Hung's responsibility. Unfortunately, there are some things that stop me from devoting time to the upgrade: I have had major thyroid surgery and am suffering from fatigue from low thyroid hormone levels (although that should be cured soon), I am also doing work on endo, I do some consulting, I spend a good portion of time on support issues, I have a family that I want to spend time with, and when possible I want some free time to play World of Warcraft, a game that my boss has hooked me up onto. ecto3 is happening, sooner than later. It takes a bit longer than you would expect from me given the history of frequent updates, but it would be reasonable to expect it this summer.

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Posted by Adriaan on April 12, 2006