Blog to your MSN Spaces blog using ecto

MSN just publicly released their metaWeblog API for MSN Spaces. This means that you can now use blog clients such as ecto to post to an MSN Spaces blog. To set up your MSN Spaces blog to allow for blog client editing, follow these directions. For ecto, please make sure that the “Access Point” is set to “” (without quotes).

Some caveats and bugs in MSN Spaces' implementation of metaWeblog API:

  • You need to set the “Number of recent entries to retrieve” in ecto's Preferences to 20 (or lower) or you will get an error message back from the server. This means that you will not be able to retrieve all your entries.
  • ecto's Technorati Tags markup is mangled by MSN Spaces. They're stripping out the HTML comments and they also remove quotes (rel=“tag” becomes rel=tag thereby invalidating the markup). I have reported the comment stripping as a bug, but was told it might not be fixed. This means that in ecto 3 I probably use a different method, most likely microformats. That said, I really don't see why MSN Spaces is manipulating the contents of blog entries.
  • Image upload is not supported by MSN Spaces.

Alex: Currently the Windows version does not work with MSN Spaces (see comment #1). It is a known bug in MSN Spaces and it will be fixed "as soon as their developers get back from holidays".

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Posted by Adriaan on December 14, 2005