TUAW on ecto's sidebar
The design of ecto's main window was inspired by the list of mailboxes and folders in Tiger's Mail app, but I just found out that ecto took another crucial step that Apple really needs to pick up on: allowing the list to be moved to either side of the window, as so many users have asked for. In ecto, a user can simply right-click on the list's resize button for a popup menu allowing the drawer to be moved to either side of the window.

[From The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)]

I'm very flattered with David Chartier's compliment. Not being able to move the Mail.app's sidebar was indeed also one of my gripes, although introducing the sidebar as a replacement of the drawer was a great move by Apple. I enjoyed implementing the sidebar in ecto, it looks cleaner than a drawer.

sidebar color

There's more to ecto's sidebar, by the way: Control-click in the blue area next to the resize button and you can change the background color. Not as exciting, but some users might like being able to see something else than light blue.

Posted by Adriaan on November 29, 2005