What's next for ecto for Windows

It's been over a long time since I last posted. Not because I don't have anything to say but mainly I have been burying my head deep in development of the next major update of the Windows version. I passed a major hurdle about two weeks ago on how to implement the next major feature, WYSIWYG editor, and since then I have been working hard to integrate the editor into ecto. And with the release of the new Visual Studio 2005 and .Net framework 2.0 I've also been spending some time converting the code base to take advantage of the new tool and framework.

The new WYSIWYG editor allows the same kind of HTML editing as the OS X version. The full range of editing will be supported (bold, italic, underline, paragraph alignments, un/indent, fonts type/size/colour), while still providing user the ability to insert their own custom HTML tags. The new editor will output XHTML compliant code as well as converting characters to HTML entities.

Spellchecker has been updated to have background checking (a.k.a. check as you type) so ecto will now have the same red wavey underline that many word processors/email clients have! This new spellchecker will work in both WYSIWYG and HTML editing modes. An new option has been added to allow user to choose the type of spellchecking (never, as you type, or when a post is sent).

Next on the list is the revamp of the upload process. The main update will be to take advantage of the new editor's ability to 'cache' images/files and provide the same ease of upload as the OS X version. Upload preference will also be added to there will be no need to change the settings for every upload.

The upgrade to VS2005 and .net 2.0 brings good news to users who prefer using larger fonts on their system. Some portion of ecto current does not resize correctly to accommodate the larger fonts size, noticeably text boxes. This is in part due to the lack of support of resizing in the .net 1.1 framework. In .net 2.0, a much better resizing algorithm means ecto will now resize itself properly according to the user selected fonts size.

And finally of course, there will also be bug fixes!

As soon as the app is in a decent shape, I will post some screen shots of it in action.

P.S. Not very imaginative title. I was going to name it “ecto.Windows.Version ” but I feel it may be too geeky and the coding reference probably lost on most readers.

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Posted by Alex on November 09, 2005