ecto seems to be worth a million
dollars is worth $926,974.68

How much is your blog worth?

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It's not for sale, though ;)

Speaking of ecto, users have been wondering about lack of upgrades recently for the MacOSX version. It's quiet, because I'm working on an ecto 3 as well as another app. So it's very busy. ecto 3's timetable will be about two months. Most likely early 2006 (time just flies, doesn't it?). Now would be the time, by the way, to put your feature requests on the forum (make sure it has not been requested before).

In the meantime, Alex is doing a great job bringing ecto for Windows to the level of the Mac version. He already implemented support for Technorati tags in the latest version and WYSIWYG should be on the way, as well.

It may be quiet, but it's because we're hunched over our keyboards, coding away. Or we're in the forum to help out our users with support requests. On the topic of requests, would anyone be interested in a one-hour a day support via IM?

Posted by Adriaan on November 03, 2005