MacAddict August 2005 review

A regular reader of my blog pointed me a while ago to the August 2005 issue of, which has an article called “Enter the Blogosphere!” on pages 30 to 33. I am quite late writing about this, but here's a few quotes from that article:

Let's face it: Updating a blog from a Web browser is for amateurs. Pro bloggers (excuse the oxymoron) use desktop update clients. Update clients can let you save unfinished drafts, store customized HTML tags, and format text with all your favorite Command-key combos, just to name a few features. Think of the difference between emailing with a Web mail system like Yahoo and emailing with a desktop client like Apple Mail, and you'll get the idea.

Ecto's feature list is too long to print, so here's a taste: You can assign multiple categories to a single post (if that's supported by your blog-system), search Amazon's product database and import styled links, edit within the familiar confines of a rich-text word processor, or get your hands dirty with naked HTML. Photobloggers will love being able to import pictures directly from iPhoto and link thumbnails to the originals. Where Ecto falls short is its interface-You get the feeling that the developer didn't know where to put all that power. The learning curve is easy, however, and worth the effort.

Ups: More power and flexibility than most bloggers will ever use.
Downs: Interface could be improved
Conclusion: Easily the best choice for the money.

The article also features a picture that has the following hilarious caption:

You'll take our Ecto license when you pry it from our cold, dead hands!

I'm obviously very flattered with this review. It's a shame to hear the interface isn't appreciated much, but I guess it's an area I can still improve upon in future versions.

Posted by Adriaan on September 07, 2005