Using blogs as a tool

Jane McConnell writes:

“Just wanted to tell you that I use ecto not only to run 3 or 4 blogs (English and French) but also as a research support tool. I am working on a new book and doing a lot of research on the Net. I set up a blog (private, pw protected) then publish postings with links to articles, sites, blogs etc relating to my subject, and add my own notes to myself. Categories and everything. This is faster, more detailed and more flexible for reviewing my sources, developing my ideas, and will be great for tracing the info I'll later need for footnotes and bibliographies.”

This way of using blogs is very resourceful. Of course, one could use a wiki, but wikis are more for collaborative writing. Keeping a blog as a note- and sketchbook will assist you in organizing ideas and information. Thanks for the message, Jane!

Posted by Adriaan on May 30, 2005