ecto for Windows 1.7 available for download

Version 1.7 is now available for download as a free upgrade from previous version (see link in the sidebar on the right).

New features included:

  1. Office 2003 theme - One of the main objective of version 1.5 is to make blogging on the desktop more like email. The multiple post windows in version 1.5 took care of that but the UI still leaves a lot to be desired. In this version, ecto has been updated to have menu and toolbars that look and work like Office 2003.

    Main Window

  2. Customisable toolbars - Another often requested UI feature is the ability to show and hide toolbars and the toolbar buttons. The new Office 2003 theme toolbar adds this ability to ecto. Now you can move all the toolbars around and dock it to any of the four sizes of the window. The position of the toolbars will be 'remembered' so they will stay there after ecto is closed. Toolbar can also be hidden and their hidden state will also be remembered.

    Post Window

  3. Sidebars - One of the new feature in Windows XP and Office 2003 is the Sidebar, which offers a collapsible window that slide in and out (or stay shown) to allow modification of options. This means less standalone windows in the system for various options while maintaining maximum editing area. The entry date/time editing, categories list, and entry options (e.g. Text Formatting, Comment settings, etc.) are now shown using the sidebar.

    Post Window Datetime

  4. Logging Console - To provide support for some of you out there, often times I would need to examine the responses sent back by server. Until now, that can be achieved by using a special tracing tool that is difficult to setup for the uninitialed. With the new logging console opens, the requests and responses data will be displayed in the console allowing you to send the data to me for diagnoses. So far, only metaWeblog and MovableType API are supported.
  5. Markdown and SmartyPants support - The Preview window now supports Markdown and SmartyPants tags in the post content.
  6. Improved Image Upload - The Image Upload capability has been expanded to include drag-n-drop and capability to convert the original image (image format and/or resize).

A significant number of improvements and bug fixes have also been incorporated and this upgrade is recommended for all users.

Posted by Alex on May 31, 2005