What's next in ecto for MacOSX

There are four main things on my list, in random order:

  • Switch the Rich Text Editor to use Editable WebKit (see more below).
  • Write Automator actions (I already finished a few, but I want to have a useful set of actions, so I need some time to make it all a functional collection).
  • Create a blog widget for Dashboard for quickly blogging short entries. If you have requests for what the widget should do, write a comment below.
  • Write a Spotlight importer. This one will have to wait. Currently, ecto stores all data in a single file, which makes it useless for Spotlight. I'd have to switch to individual files for each blog entry and then write an importer.

As for editable WebKit, a while ago I invited Brent Simmons to join me on writing a full-fledged WebKit editor. I figured that since Brent is going to work on the same thing for MarsEdit, it would be better to work together instead of reinventing each other's code. Brent heartily agreed, so we're set to do this together. However, I'm sure other developers would love to use a WebKit editor, so if you're one of those and want to help out, drop me a line. We plan to release the WebKit editor as open source.

If you wonder why this is even necessary since you only need to set contentEditable=“true” to allow editing in WebKit views, the reason is that making changes to the actual HTML elements is not that straightforward. For example, editing lists in WebKit is buggy. To see what happens, try to edit the list below (just click in it and start typing or paste in some text, i.e. press return after a list item):

  • item1
  • item2

That's not the only thing, what if you want to resize an image (including inserting resizing handles)? Or insert a blockquote? The WebKit editor should be able to do all this properly.

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Posted by Adriaan on May 02, 2005