ecto powered blog of the week:

Intodimensions Starting today I will be showcasing an ecto-powered blog on a weekly basis. As you can see from the sidebar, blogs linking to ecto will be listed regularly. From that list and from any blog sporting an “ecto powered” badge or a “posted with ecto” link, I will pick one as the weekly showcase. My criteria are based on topic, design, and theme, but I must admit that I cannot claim objectivity.

This week's blog: Professor Magnus Nystedt's home on the web

Because of my academic background, I have a weakness for blogs authored by those active in education and science. Nystedt's WordPress-powered blog mixes his personal interests with the subjects he teaches, so reading it sometimes feels like I'm supposed to write an essay before next Monday. The design and choice of colors instill a sense of tranquility, putting the focus solely on the contents.

Posted by Adriaan on March 21, 2005