ecto 2.2 for MacOSX

A slew of changes in this new version, some of which have been blogged before.

  • ecto now sports a nifty Scripts menu (more info).
  • The draft window has been given a good makeover (more info).
  • Auto-detection of trackback addresses when you use the bookmarklet. If there are any in the page you're quoting, they will be automatically added to the trackback addresses list (Draft -> Manage Trackback...).
  • Support for HTTP AUTH has been improved, in particular in the account configuration screen. Screenshot:
    HTTP AUTH support
    The lock icon tells ecto that the access point is in a password protected directory.
  • More support for rel, id, class in link tags, and which are also preserved in the Rich Text editor. The link creation dialog has been modified accordingly. Screenshot:
    Support for rel, class, and id
  • On popular request, I have also added the option to hide the extended field. Draft -> Toggle Display -> Extended will do just that!
  • On request from Kevin Marks, I also added a new macro to the custom html tags: '%*'. Normally, a custom tag is applied to selected text by prepending the starting tag and appending the ending tag. However, sometimes you may want to use the selected text twice. For example, if your starting tag is <a href=“*” rel=“tag”>. This way I can select the word “ecto” and get “ecto” in return (more on Technorati tags).

There are more changes and fixes, but those are listed in the History file.

Posted by Adriaan on January 23, 2005