ecto for Windows 1.5

After a longer than anticipated development and testing period, here is the new version 1.5. Most of the bugs have been caught and fixed, including those from the previous version 1.0.8.x. The main omissions of this release are Japanese/French localizations for the new features which will be provided in future updates. You can download this new version here, and read the changes and known issues in History.txt file. For existing ecto users, please read the Upgrade.txt file for important information on installing version 1.5 over 1.0.8.

Note for version 1.0.8.x users: The "Download" button in the Check for Update window will not download the zip file for version 1.5. You will need to manually download the zip file from the link above. (This should not affect 1.5RC1 testers)

ecto 1.5 for Windows is a free upgrade.

What's new?

Multiple windows interface
Now you can have multiple entries display at the same time for viewing and editing (think Outlook or any email clients). The main ecto window has been changed accordingly with quick preview. The post window now supports text drag-n-drop so you can just drag the text you want to quote from a web browser or text editor.

Ecto 1.5 RC1

Searching and filtering
Basic searching and filtering are now possible with all entries. More advance filtering (e.g. by categories, etc.) will be added in the future.

Profile Manager with Profile Wizard
It has never been so easy to setup your profile in ecto. Now with Profile Wizard and its supports of RSD (Real Simple Discovery), users whose blogs support RSD will now have all the profile info (e.g. blog type, API URL, etc.) filled in automatically by the Wizard. Even if there is no RSD supports, the Wizard provides API URL example for each type of blog API.

Profile Wizard

Per blog options and templates
All blog related options and templates are now on a per blog basis. So for example you can have different entry preview template for each blog.

Automatic spell checking
Finally the option to automatically spell check your new entry before posting to the blog is here.

Misc. UI improvements
The menu items have been rearranged to be more Windows compliant.

Improved back-end code
More resilient back-end code so far less chance of encountering application error and crashes.

Posted by Alex on March 08, 2005