Here's a how-to for ecto's Amazon support:

First, open an existing entry or start a new draft. Optionally select the text you want to find Amazon products for, then go to the menubar's Edit -> Create Link -> Amazon... (shift-command-A is the keyboard shortcut). A new window opens, ready to query Amazon. Enter a search text if the search box is empty, choose a product line (books, music, dvd, video, games) and press the “Search” button. The first 10 results, ranked according to relevance, are shown with thumbnails, title, author/artist/director/publisher, and the listed price (note that amazon usually offers discounts, so the listed price is not necessarily the lowest price). To get more results, use navigation buttons at the bottom of the window.

Amazon Tool

With a selected item, you can view the product details in your default browser, find similarities, or build a link to the product page for your draft. It wouldn't be ecto if you couldn't customize things. Click on the Options toolbar button to change:

  • your associate ID, for example “adriaantijsse-20 (which you are free to use if you feel like I deserve some sort of bonus for all the free upgrades and the ongoing stream of new features, *wink wink*).
  • the default Amazon store to search (US, JP, UK, or DE).
  • anything related to the link to build. It can be text only, image only, or a text-image combination. You can, of course, completely change the underlying templates.

Go play with it, I would say.

Posted by Adriaan on November 24, 2004