University student Colin Rothfels has written a really nice concise tutorial for beginning ecto users. The PDF file is available for download from the sidebar or directly here. Colin approached me by email a while ago and asked, since he was a student, whether there was a way he could get a license in return for helping out with something. I've been a student who had a hard time getting by, having to do the odd jobs and stuff, so I completely understand why he couldn't purchase a license. I suggested some sort of manual or tutorial, nothing more than a one- to two-hour job, and the result is quite nice. Thanks, Colin!

Now, I'm sure there are more students having a difficulty purchasing software on their own tight budget, so I'm considering giving a free license to a select set of students in return for a collaborative manual writing process. For the MacOSX client I'm just one person doing everything, from coding to support, so I sure could use a hand with a proper manual. ecto is a powerful blogging client and it will be even more in the future.

So, if you're a student short on cash and who really likes blogging with ecto, drop me a line (if you have been “forced” to use a hacked ecto, this is your chance to get a legal copy!). I'm looking for about 10 students using a variety of blogging systems and with a good grasp of the blogging experience and, obviously, writing skills (currently, MacOSX users only).

Posted by Adriaan on November 22, 2004