ecto for Windows 1.0 landed!

After nearly two months of public beta testing and five months of development, ecto for Windows 1.0 is finally ready for download. Many refinements and fixes have been added since the first beta build two months ago, and many to come in upcoming updates.

Please visit the ecto for Windows Support Forum to post your feature requests, bug reports, or any other comments.

Bug Reports
It is possible that you will encounter bugs in the course of using ecto. It is my endeavor to eliminate all possible bugs and to help me do that. You can either report the bug in the Support Forum or email me directly. Do not post bug reports as comments to this blog!

Users are free to try out ecto for two weeks to find out if it meets their blogging needs and we hope you all do! To purchase a registered copy, please go to the eSellerate online store.

Special thanks to Nick O'Neill for his continuous support in QA testing, Help documentation, exchange of ideas, and moral support; all the beta testers (you know who you are) who kept me honest and make ecto a better product; Adriaan Tijsseling for putting up with my constant questioning; and finally my wife, Leah, for putting up with me working on ecto during the evenings when I should have spent time with her!

Posted by Alex on June 05, 2004