Using with ecto

Since version 1.0.5, ecto offers support of, the social bookmarks manager. is a server-side link manager that allows you to publish bookmarks (aka URLs aka hyperlinks), which have attracted your attention and which you want to share with others. Your user page will expose the links you have published to other people (it even offers an RSS feed). also allows you to see who else has linked to a site that you have bookmarked and what descriptive tags they have given to it (Liz Lawley explains…). This means that glancing at the home page gives you an idea what is the hottest site at the moment. You can easily import your list of links into your blog as well.

Before using ecto with, you need to create an account first. Go to the main page and click on the "Register" link in the top navigation bar. Enter a username and password, and you're good to go.

Support for is built into ecto's "Create a Link" feature. To open this window, choose the command "Insert Hyperlink" from the Edit menu or type Command-U. When this window opens, any link that is already in the clipboard is automatically shown in the "Link:" box. This box is a drop-down menu containing a list of all items you have previously used as links. To delete an item, select it from the list and press the "-" button. To delete the entire list, hold the Option key down while you click the "-" button. If you have selected text in the edit area, that text will show up in the "Text:" box. This is the text that will show up as a hyperlink. Optionally, you could enter text in the "Title:" box. If the mouse is on top of a link, the title would show up as a tooltip. Also optional is the Target field. Targets are mostly useful if you want links to open in a new window or when you use frames. In general, you can safely ignore this option.

The other field you can see is the "" pop-up menu. Choose "Import Bookmarks" from this menu to load your already existing set of bookmarks into the "Link:"'s drop down menu. If you haven't used this feature yet, ecto will ask you for the username and password of your account.

To add a new link to your page choose the "Submit Hyperlink" command from the aforementioned pop-up menu. Version allows you to set multiple tags for a given link. If you don't see a list of tags, click on the "Import…" button to download it from You can also add new tags by clicking the "Add" button and typing in a new, appropriate name in the row that has been added to the tag list table. Any text that you have inserted in either the "Text:" or the "Title:" field will be submitted as the "description" and "extended" info of the link, respectively. If you only use "Text:" or "Title:", then either of these will be the "description" for the link. Once you've set the tags and a description (which is mandatory), click on "Submit" to publish the link on

Note that submitting the same link again will be a modification of the existing bookmark.

Posted by Adriaan on March 15, 2004