ecto and Markdown

Version has support for Markdown, the new text-to-HTML conversion tool by John Gruber. If you have Markdown installed as a plug-in for your MovableType installation and you want to use ecto's preview mode with Markdown, then do the following:

First of all, the Markdown script requires the Digest::MD5 Perl module to be installed on your Mac. This should be installed on Panther by default. If it isn't or you are still running the ancient Jaguar, then hold my hand as we dive into the murky depths of the command line interface. Launch /Applications/Utilities/ You should see a window with a prompt. We'll be typing the following commands in this window (press the Return key after typing each command). You can also select, copy and then paste the lines into the Terminal window.

(hover your mouse above the question marks to see an explanatory tooltip).

  1. cd /tmp questionMark
  2. curl -OL questionMark
  3. tar zxf Digest-1.05.tar.gz questionMark
  4. cd Digest-1.05 questionMark
  5. perl Makefile.PL questionMark
  6. make questionMark
  7. sudo make install (Note that this will ask for your administrator's password) questionMark
  8. cd .. questionMark
  9. curl -OL questionMark
  10. tar zxf Digest-MD5-2.33.tar.gz questionMark
  11. cd Digest-MD5-2.33 questionMark
  12. perl Makefile.PL questionMark
  13. make questionMark
  14. sudo make install (Note that this will ask for your administrator's password) questionMark
  15. rm -rf Digest* (optional) questionMark

And you're done.

If you have installed Markdown on your MovableType installation, but you don't see it in the list of formats in the Settings drawer of ecto's main window, then do this:

  • Choose Windows -> Accounts
  • Select the account for your blog
  • Click on “Update Cache”

The Markdown format option should now be listed in the Format menu.

Posted by Adriaan on March 23, 2004