Things that rock

I was chatting with Jonas Luster and dared him to shout out “ecto rocks!” in the Starbucks he was IRC-ing from. I should have known he doesn't back up from a challenge... Click the image below to see a small video capture from Jonas' mobile (without sound, unfortunately).

jonas shouting

Oh, and if you ever need a highly skilled social scientist with the expertise in networking, coding, and Unix, then, look no more, just hire Jonas Luster!

UPDATE: Jonas did it again! This time the recommendation is by a lovely Californian lady. Click the image to see the 2.4Mb Quicktime movie (with sound). There's a lot of background noise, but the she says something like “Hi, I'm Jenn. It's a beautiful day in California. The sun's shining and ecto rocks”.

california girl
Posted by Adriaan on March 24, 2004