A new version of ecto is out. There are a couple of new features that need some explanation. For a list of all changes, please consult the History file that is included in the download.

First of all, Brent Simmons from NetNewsWire wrote a very good entry on collegiality, of which I quote:

I like it when apps inter-operate; I like it when apps are compatible. I like this as a user, because it means choice, and I like it as a developer, because it means I can help make users happy.

Brent and me started to think about interoperability recently and the result of our communication is two new features in ecto. One is that with the forthcoming NetNewsWire 2.0 release, you can now set ecto as the external blog editor. You'd be reading a cool feed in NetNewsWire, select a command, and - whoosh - the feed item's link and contents appear in a new entry in ecto. Like it? I sure do. The second one is that at times you may be inserting a new link in your blog entry. Perhaps that link is from a blog and you would like to check up on that blog more often. While in the "Create a Link" dialog, just hit the NetNewsWire button and - whoosh - the newsreader is launched and the url is added as a new subscription. Like it? I sure do.

Although at the moment this only works with NetNewsWire, other newsreaders will be supported as soon they provide the above kind of interoperation. Related to this is that ecto is now also scriptable, although the available AppleScript commands are rather few. The download includes a sample script that should give a good demonstration of what you can do. One caveat is that when you post an entry via an AppleScript command, ecto won't be able to tell your script when and if it succeeded. I hope to improve on this in a future release. In the meantime, have fun with this new ecto version.

One final note. The version of ecto that runs for 10.2 systems has been significantly upgraded to closely match the state of the version for 10.3 systems. This means that users on 10.2 can now also use the Create a Link feature, use Blogger with the Atom API, and import photos from iPhoto (the version 4 requirement for iPhoto import has been dropped as well).

UPDATE: Brent comments.

Posted by Adriaan on May 23, 2004